Intellectual Property and IP Management Based in the UK

Portfolio Management


Are you besieged with letters from Patent Offices and attorneys that you are not quite sure where to file? Do you know what IP rights you have in which territories and when they expire? Does your company really own its IP rights? Do you know when your next licence payments are due?

We can help with all these questions as we have dedicated electronic systems as well as years of experience and training to answer questions like these quickly and easily. By allowing us to deal with the extensive and diverse document and data requirements that underpin an IP portfolio, you have the peace of mind and extra time to focus on other business matters.

Our services include:

  • Day-to-day management of an IP portfolio Maintenance of files (electronic and paper) and datasets of IP assets
  • Creation and maintenance of inventor and inventorship records Formalities and renewals
  • IP transfer and recordal
  • Advice on prosecution strategies to maximise a portfolio
  • Identification of new, patentable ideas to create a robust portfolio of conceptual, generic and specific protection for each aspect of a technology, as well as lifecycle patenting to maximise lifetime of exclusivity
  • Advice on alignment of portfolio decisions to relevant markets and competitors, including territorial coverage of IP
  • Portfolio review
  • Portfolio budgeting
  • Contract management
  • Market and technical evaluations
  • Technical and patent searching
  • Creating and effecting client IP policies
  • IP and IP-awareness training
  • IP portfolio audits
  • Litigation support