Intellectual Property and IP Management Based in the UK

Strategic Management

Intellectual property shouldn’t simply be a drain on valuable finances. Achieving a return on your IP investment should be part of any business plan. Just like a business, an IP portfolio should have short-, medium- and long-term plans. Having a plan identifies where and when costs may arise and so assists financial forecasting. It guides technological, as well as marketing, development.

Being an integral part of your business enables us to develop an IP portfolio that is aligned with your business objectives, which are consequently managed and exploited as a business asset. You are then able to make appropriate market-driven decisions on your IP to ensure maximum return on technological investment through IP. The clients for whom we have already devised and implemented an IP strategy are the ones who are ahead, both in terms of competition and funding.

Let us turn your pile of IP files into an asset that earns for your business and makes its investment worthwhile.

Strategic management encompasses:

  • Creating and effecting short and long-term IP strategies to build a strong IP portfolio
  • Creating real and perceived value for on-going investment and for leverage/control in collaborative development partnering
  • Evaluating and securing Freedom to Operate
  • Identifying, evaluating, managing and dealing with market competition
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Landscape analysis and opinions
  • Market analysis
  • Providing licensing, acquisition, disposal, fund raising and due diligence advice and support
  • Business development / deal creation
  • Financial IP forecasting
  • Presentation and briefings to investors